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“Maritime cluster” – since 2012, operating as a professional and reliable consulting compny, with a qualified group of experts, who provide advice on various manufacturing automation and the EU for support issues, as well as decide automation problems on the ground, preparing the necessary documents for EU funding (project proposals, business plans, investment projects, feasibility studies, etc.), addressing a broad challenges with EU support issues, consults economics, management, marketing, innovation and technology transfer issues.

Experts regularly participate in national and international scientific events, information automation solutions and support seminars, thematic discussions, raise professional qualifications by participating in national and international thematic targeted training.

Our main areas of activity – the successful organization of production automation processes assurance and documentation of the European Union structural funds preparation. These processes include the organization of automation processes and equipment condition assessment and suggestions for its improvement and development needs identification of the required documents (feasibility studies, investment projects, business plans and applications) preparation and project management with support. Specialists of the company also provide consulting services for the automation of processes, advise technology acquisition, installation, reprogramming and other technical solutions issues.

We are proud to offer for You these services:
• Automation process consultancy services.
• Production automation systems implementation, management and monitoring in real time.
• Customer support for EU Funds analysis and evaluation, counseling support in all stages of project proposal.
• Feasibility studies, investment projects, business plans, energy audits, market studies and other documents necessary for the support of the EU Structural Funds.
• Project applications and accompanying additives in accordance with national and international programs for the development and manning.
• Project management: procurement tender, tender material preparation, financial management, reporting and consultation.
• EU-funded project publicity.
• Strategic planning document preparation and correction.
• Training organizations, working in strategic planning, technology management, innovation, project management, leadership, sales management, risk management, marketing management, clustering processes and other topics in Lithuanian and English languages.
• Public procurement tenders for software options documentation preparation and consultation.
• Financial intermediation and consultation processes of investment issues.
• Market research and analysis of the data collected.
• Consultations on practical business clustering issues.


In short, we invite not hesitate to contact us for automation and project development services.
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