EU funds support administration

Our main areas of activity – a successful organization and preparation of relevant documents of the European Union structural funds use. This process involves the identification of organizational development needs, the necessary documents (feasibility studies, investment projects, business plans and applications) preparation and project management with support.

Our team has extensive experience in preparing applications and the management of national and international financial support. We can help your organization in preparing grant applications:
• Assess the ability to attract financing (support funds) for your project.
• Help to clarify the idea of the project, the structure and activities.
• Develop a budget for the project, will make the necessary financial and economic calculations.
• Under the current legislation will fill out an application for funding.
• Develop a draft business plan and the financial part.
• We will help you properly complete the application documents.
• Advise the application assessment (to help answer questions, to make adjustments to present the project, etc.), until a decision on project eligibility taken.

When the project receives support – we offer qualified project management services to the project to be implemented properly and on time, absorbing the funds intended for the support and achieving the planned indicators.

The expert group also resolve various problematic with EU support issues, consults economics, management, marketing, innovation and technology transfer issues. Specialists of the company also provide consulting services for the automation of processes, advise technology acquisition, installation, reprogramming and other technical solutions for issues.

In a word, every idea and every decision – unique. We appreciate the discretion and we are ready to meet with you at your convenience and discuss mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities!

Let’s turn on the right way for Your profitable progress!

Contacts: email –,   tel. +37060044312

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