Industrial processes automation

Our automation system – an investment that pays off, which ensures long-term reliability and compliance with the requirements of the rapidly evolving industry. Equipment used by the possibility of practically unlimited and can effectively, flexibly and economically to meet a variety of industrial companies.

Exhaustible resources and stricter environmental requirements, the challenges posed by our clients to overcome with the help of our emerging products and solutions.

We offer these automation services:
• Process control solutions selection and design;
• Automation equipment gathering;
• Automation panel assembly;
• Control algorithms;
• Control software (programmable logic controllers (PLCs), programmable relays, frequency converters, etc.). Programming and start-up;
• Operator control panel programming;
• Visualization systems (SCADA);
• Telemetry systems solutions for remote monitoring and management;
• Automatic system installation, startup and adjustment works;
• Warranty and post-warranty service.

We offer automation solutions that will help you optimize your production, simplify software management, logistics and equipment maintenance processes.

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