Scientific maritime clustering research

The company has qualified experts who carry out the clustering of maritime research, actively cooperate with Lithuanian and international scientific and business community, make scientific reports on clustering topics, conduct practical training in their qualification in them area and have a number of initiatives to bring together and realize maritime cluster idea in Lithuania.

Proposed expert services:
• Training and professional development of clusters, cluster development and cluster development topics.
• Individual and group counseling maritime clustering benefits topics.
• Scientific publications and scientific reports on clustering topics Preparation.
• Public posts and messages on clustering topics Preparation.
• The company’s international expansion, partnerships with other clusters, successful business contacts.
• Support business-academic-public sectors cooperation for the smooth assurance, networking and support.
• Individual counseling company lobbying topics.
• Quantitative and qualitative research initiation, data collection, systematization of results and presentation.
• Public presentation of business development topics Preparation in .ppt format.
• Training and retraining of company’s innovation skills and technological development.
• Organizational information and communication improvement effort.
• Support for clusters of co-operation of networking, shared ideas and project development.

Our experts also advise companies manufacturing automation and real-time data monitoring issues and are successfully addressing the various EU support challenges, advise on economics, management, marketing, strategic management, innovation and technology transfer issues.

Services are provided in English and Lithuanian.

P.S. Other expert advice services are also available, according to individual needs of your company. Let’s contact and share the willingness and needs!


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Cluster as a form of activity is not only changing the country or region (district) or a particular city economic structure and potential, but also strengthens the individual cluster members of the human, technical, scientific, capital, innovation, partnership and other capabilities. Increased productivity, increased levels of competitiveness and innovative product development and commercialization – these are results of cluster members can achieve by acting together. Clustering helps to develop new ideas and businesses to accelerate knowledge and technology transfer and deployment, product development, improve the labor and product quality, technological content, to create favorable conditions for increasing enterprise productivity, innovation, reducing the small and medium-sized enterprises operating costs, particularly in research and D and innovation, to promote export development, reduce risk and increase the probability of success in choosing new investments, improve the efficiency of research and development processes to help companies and their representative organizational structures to join the global expertise and innovation networks, use of the opportunities offered by the development of higher added value, increase competitiveness and employment.

In order to increase the competitiveness of companies and strengthen the competitive position in the market, a cluster formation is increasingly becoming one of the essential conditions for business cooperation to develop and expand, especially in initiating joint projects and joint strengthening corporate trust. Cluster formation is a dynamic process, identified by the general characteristics and criteria consisting of successive stages and having different maturity phases.

Clusters are particularly important for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) innovation activities and its environment. Participation in the cluster has a direct bearing on productivity, innovation and competitiveness growth. It is a proven by our experts research, carried out on 2014 – 2015.

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