Data collection and real-time monitoring

Data collection and monitoring system is designed for information gathering, organizing, monitoring and management of the objects remotely. Data collection and monitoring system can be applied to industry, water, water electricity and gas holdings and other industrial and service sectors in existing facilities equipment monitoring and control, data collection, the possible prevention of accidents and failures to register, as well as rooms and buildings, authorized and unauthorized visit the buildings and premises control.

• Real-time makes it possible to manage remote equipment.
• Analyze and data collection capacity and secure archives.
• The aggregated data presented in various sections in text or graphic form.
• Access to information about the object and analyze them at any chosen time.
• The ability to save energy resources, reduce the cost of municipal services and building administration.
• The ability to integrate the system with other information systems within the data exchange interfaces.
• Remote device management.
• Group objects in the mode control. Set tasks carried out by time, event type, or other specified parameters.
• The system is available to consumers / customers through the Web environment. Client / user does not need to purchase and install specialized software.
• Convenient and fast data collection method of avoiding the “human factor” errors.

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